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Nizhny Novgorod Plant of Transport and Technological Machines
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Why choose TTM

Why do consumers choose transport and technological machines manufactured by SPC Transport LLC?

All-terrain vehicles have always been popular and well regarded in Russia, with its vast expanses.

1. The use of automated design and engineering methods with computer software (CAD) applied in developing the design of snow and swamp-going vehicles enables to design and manufacture within the shortest possible time an all-terrain vehicle equipped with customized special-purpose facilities. The use of CAD significantly decreases the design time and efforts; reduces costs for full-scale modeling, testing and preparation for production; decreases the cost of design and manufacture.

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2. The highly qualified engineering staff has rich design experience (innovative technical solutions elaborated and applied in the design of manufactured products are protected by patents) and enables us to ensure an individual approach to mounting of a customized set of unique equipment on the basis of transport and technological machines manufactured.It enables us to manufacture comfortable, reliable, easy-to-operate and maintain cross-country vehicles.

3. The use of up-to-date equipment in the production of snow and swamp-going vehicles (including machining centers, CNC machines and spray booths) makes it possible to obtain high manufacturing quality.

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4. The 30-year experience in the design and production of all-terrain vehicles is proved by both the long life and reliability of manufactured machinery and the well-developed service department which ensure the high-quality warranty and post-warranty maintenance carried out within the shortest possible time