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Tracked cargo trailer GP-8301

Tracked cargo trailer GP-8301

This tracked cargo trailer is designed for the transportation of cargoes and the installation of various technological equipment in operation under difficult climatic conditions with vehicles TTM-39 Taiga and TTM-4902 Ruslan. The use of this trailer shall increase the efficiency and expand the functionality of snow and swamp-going vehicles. The trailer is designed for operation under difficult climatic conditions at an air temperature ranging from minus 45 to + 40 C in off-road and cross-country terrain. The cargo platform of the tracked trailer has a metallic enclosure along the outer perimeter with a folding tailgate and a wooden flooring. In the drive of the working and parking brake systems a brake chamber is used with a spring-loaded energy accumulator of type 20/20. For the emergency release of the parking brake system while there is no compressed air,   an emergency release screw is provided in the spring energy accumulator, thus enabling to mechanically release the system. The access to the said emergency release screw is possible through a hatch in the front deck


Average specific ground pressure, kgf/cm2


Capacity, kg


Curb weight, kg


Road clearance, mm


Overall dimensions, mm:



track width 




Transport width


dimensions of the cargo platform

4000 х 2400

Main overall dimensions:


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